Are you trying to see your timetable on Home Logic?

As of 7:00 am this morning, students and families no longer have digital access to their timetable. This is a CBE city wide decision with Student Services teams across Calgary generating timetable changes to balance classes and make adjustments based on success in summer school. Digital access to timetables will take place again on Tuesday September 6th. Thank-you for your patience and understanding.

Parent Council News

Parent Council has very few resources and there are always needs in the school community. We would greatly appreciate your support to help us enhance learning and activities. Some uses for the funds collected could be: updating the theatre sound system, staff appreciation, supporting school clubs and assisting students in need. Thank you for your support.

Parent Council Fee – $10.00 for the year (this is optional and can be paid with the students’ school fees)

Lester B. Pearson Parent Council

Skills for Life Program


Aspen – People First, Community Always

Skills for Life Program

ARE YOU 15 – 22 years old and transitioning to adulthood? If so the “Skills for Life”

60-hour program may be for you.

DATE: July 4th to July 28th, 2016

TIME: Mondays to Thursday from 10:00am to 1:45pm

LOCATION: Village Square Leisure Center

2623 – 56 St. N.E.

The “Skills for Life Program” provides skills in the following areas:


  • Meeting one another through information
  • Behaviors of active listening
  • Asking fact-finding, information-seeking questions
  • Utilizing the techniques of brainstorming to view options
  • Learning to express oneself in an oral presentation
  • Identifying feelings
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Problem solving with a system
  • Recognizing helpful and harmful behaviors
  • Understanding assumptions about self and others – including dealing with discrimination
  • Managing anger and resolving conflict
  • Practice of balanced self-determination


The purpose of the “Skills for Life Program” is to help youth to:


  • Develop independence, strengthen coping skills and become more resistant to crisis
  • Develop awareness of social needs
  • Develop interpersonal and group skills which enhance constructive relationships
  • Assume responsibly for decisions and actions that affect them and their community
  • Provide support that will help sustain youth as active participants in the community

To register, please contact Marnie Johnston at (403) 508-0436 or

The cost of the ‘Skills for Life’ program may be covered by Case Workers or other sources

Please phone for more details.

CBE Teacher Receives Chef of the Year Award

CBE teacher receives Chef of the Year Award

Pat Thalheimer, Principal Lester B. Pearson & Martin Makulowich, Teacher Chef

Martin Makulowich, a journeyman red seal chef and teacher working on a letter of authority at Lester B. Pearson High School, is the recipient of this year’s “Chef of the Year Award.”

The Calgary Academy of Chefs and Cooks recognizes one chef each year who has demonstrated a long-term commitment towards promoting the Association or publicizing this chosen profession locally and/or nationally, involvement in Academy or Nationally-sanctioned functions, and participation in culinary salons or other public demonstrations.

Chef Martin has been teaching for three years at Lester B. Pearson High School. With the support of his kitchen staff and students, over 250 homemade meals are made each week as part of the Foods and Culinary programs. In addition to feeding the members of this learning community, it is not rare to see Chef Martin involved in cooking outside of the classroom. This year, he catered the Better Together Partnership Breakfast, the Cinderella Project, and the March Board of Trustees meeting in support of work that students are involved in with Career and Technology Studies (CTS).

Pat Thalheimer, Principal of Lester B. Pearson is also very proud of Chef Martin. “Martin is an excellent teacher and role model, both in terms of his culinary experience and the way he lives his life!”

On behalf of the staff and students at Lester B. Pearson High School, and the Calgary Board of Education, congratulations Chef Martin!


Students. This is another reminder that NO ELECTRONIC DEVICES OF ANY SORT ARE ALLOWED TO BE IN THE EXAMINATION ROOMS. This includes: mobile phones, cameras, iPods, iPads, mp3 players, any music listening devices, electronic dictionaries or electronic thesaurus’s. Only approved calculators can be used for Math and Science exams (please connect with your teacher to know which calculators are approved).


If any unapproved devices are brought into any of the examination rooms, please be aware that your exam will be compromised.