“Success Support” begins tomorrow!

Good Evening Patriot Families:

For the past eight school days, your child has been meeting with their homeroom teacher in a “Success Connect” course that will offer them the opportunity to earn three credits. In this Learning Strategies class, students have started to explore and develop life long habits that will enrich their lives. This class will now only meet on Wednesday with a new “Success Support” time in their timetable on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

From 10:05 – 10:50 am, for four days a week, your child has the opportunity to thrive within LBP’s Flexible Learning Environment during “Success Support”. Students will seek out help from their teachers in the following locations: Success Support Locations Sept 18 – 27. Grade 10 students will meet with their ELA, Math, Science or SS teacher. Grade 11 and 12 students are encouraged to seek out help from a teacher in their subject area. In this learning space:

  • Learning is student-centered.
  • Students are responsible and accountable for their learning.
  • Students have more control over the where, when and what they learn: they are more engaged, and by becoming more engaged, they are transforming their experiences into their education.

If families would like to read more about the philosophy behind this new part of the LBP school day, please review the following:

Alberta Education: Moving Forward With High School Re-design

LBPHS Moving Forward 2016-17

We look forward to explaining our new course and the timetable in greater detail when our families join us on Wednesday October 5th (6:30 – 7:30 pm) for our “Meet the Success Coach” evening. If you have any questions in the meantime, please call the school (403-280-6565, dial 0) and ask to speak to an Assistant Principal: Ms. Hornby, Mr. Tuff or Mr. Papp.

Volunteers/Police Security Clearance

If you are interested in volunteering at Lester B. Pearson; then you are required to have a police security clearance check done.

The process is:

You are to bring in a Government ID ( example: driver’s license)to Mrs. Reimer in the Main Office. Mrs. Reimer will then enter your information into the computer and then print off a letter which you must present to the police along with a fee of $15. If you wish to be reimbursed for the $15 fee; then you must bring in the receipt to our Business Office and we will refund the fee.

Any further questions please contact Mrs. Reimer at 403-280-6565 ext. 2412

Thank you.

CBE Student Code of Conduct

Dear Families:

The CBE has engaged in a lengthy consultative process to develop a city wide “Student Code of Conduct”. Students will be reviewing these documents with their “Success Connect” teachers.

AR 6005 Student Code of Conduct

This AR has been developed to provide clarity and guidance pertaining to the expectations for student behaviour in all CBE schools. This AR identifies acceptable and unacceptable behaviour and the consequences for unacceptable behaviour. Clarity pertaining to discrimination and bullying including both those who engage in, perpetuate or are subject to such behaviour is also included in this Code of Conduct. The new AR can be found at the following link: CBE Student Code of Conduct

AR 6006 Progressive Student Discipline

This AR has been revised to reflect a whole school approach to discipline that utilizes a continuum of intervention, supports and consequences while building on strategies that promote positive student behaviour. The revised AR can be found at the following link: CBE Progressive Student Discipline

AR 6007 Suspension and Expulsion

This AR has been developed to reflect the expectation and guidelines pertaining to suspensions and expulsions. At this point in time, the current information regarding suspensions and expulsions has been removed from the now deleted Discipline policy and placed in a separate AR. The processes and expectations for suspensions and expulsions within CBE will be reviewed commencing in the fall of 2016. The revised AR can be found at the following link: Suspensions and Explusions in the CBE


AR 6001 Student Discipline

This AR has been deleted and replaced with the three ARs highlighted above.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of the Assistant Principals:

Grade 10: Michelle Hornby (mahornby@cbe.ab.ca)

Grade 11 and 12 – A – Ki: Steve Papp (swpapp@cbe.ab.ca)

Grade 11 and 12 – Ko – Z: Brian Tuff (bltuff@cbe.ab.ca)

We thank-you for your help in co-creating a safe and caring Pearson community,

Lester B. Pearson Staff



Grade 10 Retreats: Kananaskis

Good Evening Patriot Families:

Our Grade 10 classes will be taking turns heading out to the Fullerton Loop in Kananaskis next week. Please ensure your child returns their permission forms ASAP.

Monday September 12: White

Tuesday September 13: Red

Wednesday September 14: Gold

Thursday September 15: Black

Given the inevitable weather shifts in Alberta during this time of year, please make sure your child brings the appropriate clothing. Kananaskis Weather

Here are the details that were sent home:

Fullerton Loop Map

Parent Letter for the Retreat

Student Checklist

Acknowledgement of Risk for Retreat

If you have any questions, please call 403-280-6565 and dial 0.

We look forward to enjoying time with your child in the beautiful Kananaskis region,

Grade 10 Teachers