Update on School Fees for 2017/2018 School Year!

This spring the Provincial Government introduced Bill 1 – An Act to Reduce School Fees. This new bill will have an impact on school and transportation fees across the province.

For the 2017-18 school year, the CBE Instructional Supplies and Materials fees will no longer be charged. Optional courses, educational enhancements, programs of choice, travel, and extra-curricular activities will still have associated fees.

The CBE fee schedule has been sent to Alberta Education for review and approval. We expect to have more information about fees and waivers later in the summer. We are committed to making that information available to our families as soon as it is available. Payment arrangement deadline will be the end of October.

Thank you for your understanding and patience with the different process this year.

Pearson Finance Club welcomes Dr. Gordon Higgins

Dr. Gordon Higgins was instrumental in providing “seed” money in 2008 for us to run the Pearson Finance Club. Thanks to him and other donors the club has been in operation for 9 years straight.

Dr. Higgins shared with the club that Exchange Traded Funds(EFTs) is the best investment vehicle to park our “hard earned” money because it requires low maintenance and it’s low cost. this strategy has been proven quite effective in the past 40 years when it was first introduced by John Bogle. Research has shown that “passive” investments beats funds that are actively managed.

Dr. Gordon Higgins Dr. Gordon Higgins 2


Diploma in Practical Nursing Fall 2018 Deadlines

Fall 2018 matriculation to the Diploma in Practical Nursing

Bow Valley College

Office of the Registrar and Enrolment Services

345 6 Avenue SE

Calgary, AB Canada T2G 4V1

DIPLOMA IN PRACTICAL NURSING FALL 2018 DEADLINES Applications to Practical Nursing for Fall 2018 will be accepted between August 1, 2017 at 8am until August 31, 2017 at 4pm both in-person and online. We strongly recommend that learners apply online. Late applications will not be considered. After learners apply, they will then have until mid-September to submit their proof of enrolment from their high school. This process improvement ensures that your learners are not disadvantaged in their final high school year.


Applicants who are enrolled in high school or upgrading should request their school send an interim transcript and current enrolments to our college via email (admissions@bowvalleycollege.ca) or fax (403-297-4887).


Candidates will be prioritised in the order their application (not transcript) was received, on a first applied, first admitted basis. The minimum high school academic requirements are:


· English Language Arts 30-1 (60%) or 30-2 (70%)

· Math 20-1 (50%) or 20-2 (60%)

· Biology 30 (60%)