Seeking Lester B. Pearson Student Opinions

The University of Calgary is conducting a study on “Digital Citizenship in Canada” focusing on Cyber-risks for Youth. Would your son or daughter be interested in participating in a one hour focus group offering their opinions on this important issue? The researchers will be reporting back to the school on their research results.

The research, through a group discussion with students lasting about an hour, asks:

  1. How youth perceive and experience risk online.
  2. What strategies they use in handling these risks.
  3. How youth understand the role of police and the wider community in helping them respond to these online risks; and
  4. What messages youth receive from society regarding how to deal with online risk, and their response to these messages.

Full details on the study are contained in this link: U of C Research Study.

Hard copies of the document is available in Student Services and the Main Office. Please submit completed parent permission forms to Ms. Janse (Student Services) by mid January. Thank-you for encouraging your child to offer their valued opinions on the novel and constantly changing forms of on-line risk youth are facing today.