End of School Year Expectations

Dear Pearson Students:
Traditionally a water fight has occurred on the last day of classes. This year there will be no water fight on Lester B. Pearson grounds. This change in practice is necessary because of a number of dangerous elements which have entered into this activity. Over the last couple of years, students have sprayed substances such as mustard, bleach, paint, eggs and urine. In addition, there has been a mess left on school property for staff to clean up and a mob mentality has been present. It is the duty of Lester B. Pearson High School staff to keep all students safe while at the school.
Celebratory activities on this last day should take place outside of school time and off school property. Police will be present as well as Administrative staff. Students could face serious sanctions if they choose to proceed.
The following timelines will support our last formal instructional day on Friday June 10th:
8:48 – 9:53: Period 1
9:56 – 11:01: Period 2
11:01 – 11:19: Break
11:22 – 12:13: Period 3 (15 minutes removed)
12:15 – 1:00: Period 4 (15 minutes removed)
1:00 – 1:35: Locker Clean-out/Yearbooks
A schedule for demand tutorials the following week will be released shortly.
Thank-you for your understanding and cooperation,
Dr. Patrick Thalheimer, Ms. Michelle Hornby, Mr. Brian Tuff, Mr. Steve Papp
Lester B. Pearson Administration