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CBE Student Code of Conduct

Dear Families:

The CBE has engaged in a lengthy consultative process to develop a city wide “Student Code of Conduct”. Students will be reviewing these documents with their “Success Connect” teachers.

AR 6005 Student Code of Conduct

This AR has been developed to provide clarity and guidance pertaining to the expectations for student behaviour in all CBE schools. This AR identifies acceptable and unacceptable behaviour and the consequences for unacceptable behaviour. Clarity pertaining to discrimination and bullying including both those who engage in, perpetuate or are subject to such behaviour is also included in this Code of Conduct. The new AR can be found at the following link: CBE Student Code of Conduct

AR 6006 Progressive Student Discipline

This AR has been revised to reflect a whole school approach to discipline that utilizes a continuum of intervention, supports and consequences while building on strategies that promote positive student behaviour. The revised AR can be found at the following link: CBE Progressive Student Discipline

AR 6007 Suspension and Expulsion

This AR has been developed to reflect the expectation and guidelines pertaining to suspensions and expulsions. At this point in time, the current information regarding suspensions and expulsions has been removed from the now deleted Discipline policy and placed in a separate AR. The processes and expectations for suspensions and expulsions within CBE will be reviewed commencing in the fall of 2016. The revised AR can be found at the following link: Suspensions and Explusions in the CBE


AR 6001 Student Discipline

This AR has been deleted and replaced with the three ARs highlighted above.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of the Assistant Principals:

Grade 10: Michelle Hornby (

Grade 11 and 12 – A – Ki: Steve Papp (

Grade 11 and 12 – Ko – Z: Brian Tuff (

We thank-you for your help in co-creating a safe and caring Pearson community,

Lester B. Pearson Staff



Success Connect: 10:05 am – 10:50 am

Good evening Patriot Families:

Today was a whirlwind as we welcomed back 1600+ students! Our Leadership students were AMAZING providing outstanding logistic support for the various activities we planned. A huge thank-you to each of our student volunteers who provide the magic energy that makes us want to teach!

An area of confusion could arise with our new “Success Connect” time that starts tomorrow. This will take place everyday from Wednesday September 7 to Friday September 16 for 100% of our students. Students have the opportunity to learn “how to be an effective learner” with the support of one teacher (acting as a learning coach) while also earning 3 credits in this mandatory course. After September 16th, the “Success Connect” time will just take place on Wednesday with “Success Support” occurring on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Ask your child about how these two concepts are different but complimentary. Peek at the 2016-17 LBP Bell Schedule to understand it further. The attachment below contains a summary of key differences.

Where do students go for “Success Connect” in the next 8 days? The attached summary will help: 10 05 to 10 50 am Where do I go

Should you have any questions, please e-mail your child’s “Success Connect” teacher: LBP Staff List