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Attention Students – Grades 10/11/12

It has been brought to the attention of Administration that students are bringing in siblings/relatives/friends of various ages/grade levels not only into the school but into their classes.

Administration wants to remind you that class time is for students who belong to LBP; if you have someone wanting to visit then you must bring them to the office and receive approval from Administration.

Anyone who does not belong here will be asked to leave and risk the possibility of being charged with trespassing.

Expectations: Video recording in school

Dear Patriot Families:

A popular app called “House Party” (House Party Link #1) (House Party Link #2) is currently being used during our school day. We respectfully ask all students to please refrain from using this app while they are in Lester B. Pearson High School or other public places. It is illegal to record anyone without permission (Canadian Privacy Laws). Teachers are asked to please send students to the main office should they be using “House Party” or similar apps while at school. Follow up with Administration will take place leading to a suspension. It is disrespectful and against Canadian law to videotape someone without their permission. We appreciate student cooperation and understanding with this expectation.


Lester B. Pearson Staff and Fellow Students