Parking and Traffic Concerns and Intruders in the School

Please be aware that visitor parking is reserved for visitors to the school such as parents coming for a meeting or to pay fees. It is not meant for students to use. You may be ticketed and towed if you are found to be parking in visitor parking inappropriately.

We are also concerned about the number of intruders we found in the school over Exam Break, and the dangers associated with dropping students off at the side of the school next to the Leisure Center. We had a student hit by a car there in the Fall. As a result of these 2 issues, we will be locking the side doors to the school. This will prevent intruders from accessing the school without going through the front doors where they are visible. We would like to ask parents to drop off students in the parking lot for the shopping center, at the far end of the shopping center or in front of the school where there is not the same high volume of traffic.

Monday and Thursdays – Doors will be locked at 9am – then unlocked from 12 – 1pm – then locked again

Fridays – Doors will be locked at 9am for the rest of the day

Thanks for your cooperation.