Upcoming City Basketball Championships

At Lester B. Pearson, we anticipate all of our basketball teams making the playoffs. Due to the popularity of these games, we would like to provide a few details to our enthusiastic fans:

CSHSAA Website for the most up to date schedules of who plays where: Calgary Senior High School Athletic Association

Direct link to Basketball: CSHSAA Basketball Link

Lester B. Pearson Jr. and Sr. Boys: Division I

Lester B. Pearson Jr. and Sr. Girls: Division II

  1. There is ADMISSION charged for all seeding rounds, quarter and semi-final games, and City Championship games. No exceptions. The funds collected do NOT go to LBP; they offset the costs associated with hosting the City Championships. At LBP, Mr. Fraser (Athletic Director) will also organize a “ticket” system to gain entry due to the high demand. Stay tuned for specific details. Adults – $5.00 Students/Seniors – $2.00. Under 6 – FREE
  1. Should there be two (or possibly even 3 games) on any one night… please check the website for conflicts or TIME changes to games.


  1. Home team: Light jersey Away: Dark jersey


  1. Administrators will be available to be at the GATE prior to our games so that we can greet our parents/students. Please have your ID, entry fee and “ticket” available. In previous years, only spectators from the opposing teams have been allowed in the LBP gym. For example, you may denied entry at a Father Lacombe game if Lester B. Pearson is not playing. Gym space will determine if you will have access. Please be kind and respectful if the host school is unable to accommodate out of school fans. Parents of players are given priority access to the gym; please come to the front of the line should fans be turned away.
  1. No noise-makers are permitted at any venue (cowbells, clappers, air horns, blow horns, etc). You will be removed from the gym should you violate this expectation.
  1. Fans who enter the playing space during play (ex. going crazy after an amazing offensive or defensive play) or are deemed to be rude to officials or opposing team members will be immediately removed from the gym. Our preference is that 100% of our fans are able to stay for the entire game because they are consistently demonstrating respectful behaviors. No second chances.
  1. Winning teams are NOT PERMITTED to cut down any nets (this may have been a practice in years past, but it is no longer permitted at any of the venues)
  1. HOST schools will provide scorekeeper and timekeepers for all seeding and quarter/semi-final games. And, unless you hear otherwise, the City Championship Host schools (and UofC) will provide scorekeepers and timekeepers at City Championship games.
  1. Game times for City Championships:

Friday, March 10th (HOST – Ernest Manning)

2:00pm: Div 3 Junior Girls

4:30pm: Div 3 Junior Boys

7:00pm: Div 2 Junior Girls


Friday, March 10th (HOST – Crescent Heights)

2:00pm: Div 2 Junior Boys

4:30pm: Div 1 Junior Girls

7:00pm: Div 1 Junior Boys


Saturday, March 11th (HOST – Crescent Heights)

2:00pm: Div 3 Senior Girls

4:30pm: Div 3 Senior Boys

7:00pm: Div 2 Senior Girls


Saturday, March 11th (HOST – University of Calgary: Jack Simpson Gymnasium)

2:00pm: Div 2 Senior Boys (warm-up begins at 1:15pm)

4:30pm: Div 1 Senior Girls

7:00pm: Div 1 Senior Boys


Many thanks to Ernest Manning, Crescent Heights and the UofC for hosting. We ask that all Admin and staff present ensure that the venues are respected (helping to keep them clean) and that fans are also respectful and display great sportsmanship towards the officials and minor officials. We are all HUMAN! They will likely make mistakes.


  1. At U of C only: Away team fans: Sit in the WEST stands (opposite the score table) Home team fans: Sit in the EAST stands (behind the score table).
  1. Parking at the UofC: Spectators must indicate to the BOOTH attendant that they are attending the High School Basketball City Championships. The attendants have been informed to allow our players/parents/admin/spectators into LOT #10 – FREE OF CHARGE. There are two entrances to LOT 10. The MAIN ENTRANCE to LOT 10 off Collegiate Road will be the only one open (must turn right at the 4-way stop). The secondary entrance off Collegiate Blvd will NOT be open for FREE admission.
  1. If we school bring a “FAN BUS”,we must let me know the organizers know. Once we have #’s of students on the bus, we will have our teacher supervisor/admin let organizers know the TOTAL NUMBER of students at the gate. Students will pay the teacher who will submit one payment on behalf of the school.