Graduation 2017: How can I earn the right to walk the stage?

Dear Grade 12 Patriots and their Families:

Graduation is a monumental occasion for our school community. Along with other high schools in Alberta, students earn the right to walk the stage by striving towards academic success. The following information appears on our website year round but it is timely for a refresher given deadlines are quickly approaching. Grade 12 Students who regularly attend homeroom (Success Connect) will have reviewed these expectations with their teachers as well.

LBP Grad 2017 Frequently Asked Questions

The goal of the Lester B. Pearson Staff is to have 100% of our students cross the stage during our ceremony when students are in Grade 12. In order to do so, students must meet or exceed graduation requirements established by Alberta Education. Our Student Services Team (Mr. Colvin, Ms. Olsen) will help students register in the correct courses. It is a student’s responsibility to successfully meet the course requirements to earn this privilege.

Students who do earn 100 or more credits, in the required courses, are granted the right to cross the stage in May AND have their graduation picture appear in the wall composite proudly displayed in our hallways. Some students do require additional time and may need to take additional courses through CBE Learn or Chinook Learning. ” High School Graduation” is attainable EVEN if students do not cross the stage during our ceremony.

What are the benefits of being on the Grade 12 “Ceremony Grad List”?
* I earn the right to walk the stage in May 2017.
* I will have my picture included in the yearbook and the wall composite.

How do I earn the right to be placed on the “Ceremony Grad List”?
I must prove I am able to earn a High School Diploma: 100 credit minimum including Grade 12 English, Grade 12 SS, Grade 11 Science, Grade 11 Math, CALM, PE 10, 10 option credits, four courses at the Grade 12 level. Students must show evidence they will PASS (+50%) these courses by Friday April 21st, 2017.
Or the Certificate of High School Achievement: 80 credit minimum open to students registered in K and E courses. Students must show evidence they will pass (+50%) in these courses by Friday April 21st, 2017.

What happens if I fail a diploma course in the first semester?
I can:
a. register in an online course and show proof I have completed at least 50% of the course and that I am passing by Friday April 21st (see Guidance Counselor for support); or
b. apply to rewrite the diploma exam through the Main Office (paperwork is available at the front desk). It is my responsibility to apply for a rewrite.

When must I prove to Student Services that I have completed at least half of my courses and that I am passing all of them?
Friday April 21st, 2017
Students registered in courses at Lester B. Pearson will have completed over half of the course; Counselors have computer access to LBP course marks. Students in on-line or alternate courses must make an appointment to submit proof they have completed 50% or more of the course; they must also show proof they are passing the class.

When will the final “Ceremony Grad List” be posted?
Friday April 28th, 2017

Can a student be removed from the “Ceremony Grad List”?
Yes. If a Grade 12 student shows a sharp decline in attendance and/or grades with marks falling below 50%, they will not be allowed to walk the stage in May. Administration will contact the student and their families.

Can a student be added to the final “Ceremony Grad List” after Friday April 28th?
No. This deadline is required so we can order grad gowns and print the Grad program. All High Schools have a deadline before the actual ceremony to accommodate logistic issues.

Questions? Please see…
Primary conversations –> Grade 12 teachers.

Students at risk of not being on the Grad List:
A – K: Mr. Colvin, Mr. Papp
K – Z: Ms. Olsen, Mr. Tuff

Can I graduate from High School even if I do not walk the stage in May?

Of course! Some students require additional time to meet graduation requirements.

Can I make an appointment with Mr. Thalheimer, my Principal, to request an “exception” or “appeal” my omission from the list?
No. Mr. Thalheimer fully supports the parameters established by Alberta Education. He does want every Grade 12 student to walk the stage in May. At the same time, Mr. Thalheimer recognizes this is a privilege students must earn by meeting or exceeding graduation requirements. The LBP Staff conscientiously works with students for three years to help our learners earn this recognition.

It is a student’s responsibility to check the “Ceremony Grad Lists”. They will be published several times during the year. See them posted outside of Student Services.