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Pearson Portraits!!

A very special community event supported by Pearson staff and students: The Pineridge Community Safety walk for diversity (anti-racism). The walk was a joint effort of community stakeholders, including teachers and students from Pearson. It ended with a chili supper at the United Church behind our school.

Community Walk

Ann Lieske is our Career Practitioner: These are 2 of her dual credit carpentry students who take classes at SAIT!!


And we welcomed the staff and students from Clarence Samson for a tour of the school to learn about all the amazing Opportunities for Learning at Pearson.

Grade 9 Tours

The Dance Troupe put on a great show for our guests as did our Concert Choir.

Dance troupe performing

Design Studio – part of the tour

Grade 9 Tours 2

Culinary Arts – part of the tour

Grade 9 Tours 3

Sports Medicine – part of the tour

Sports Medicine

Much to be proud of in our Community of Patriots!!!

Kenneth Chee


Pearson Portraits – Our amazing students!!

Whether on Lunch, Spare or Success Block, students can and do make their learning visible.

Lunch Prep Success Block

Finance Management students balancing credits, debits, profits and expenditures through wheeling and dealing in Monopoly.

Finance Management

Youth Volunteer Club members: Tommy, Gerard, Cynthia, Kelly and Yohann selling Candy Grams this week in the Cafeteria.

Youth Volunteer Club

Blood Donor Club members Raina and Anoop, signing up new donors. See them in the Cafeteria to answer questions. Tis the season to donate.

Blood Donor Club

Pearson Portraits!!

Wrestling ruled the day on Friday with Pearson’s Rookie Tournament. Lots of staff and student volunteered to make this event a highlight.


Great sportsmanship on display!!!

Wrestling 2

Wrestling 3

Wrestling 4

Wrestling 5

This young man looked after the Coaches Room. :)

Coaches room

And these Leadership Students sold lots of Pizza at the concession.


Thanks to coaches Lindsay Marsh-Walters, Myles Gibbs, Mike Witt and Lisa Byrgesen and Cody Longlitz – our leadership mentor.


Basketball Season has arrived at LBP!!

CSHSAA Code of Conduct Banner

Basketball Season has arrived at Lester B. Pearson, and along with all Sports that we participate in throughout the school year, Lester B. Pearson is a proud CBE member school of the CSHSAA. The CSHSAA believes that interscholastic athletics, as a recognized part of the school program, is educationally sound and will enhance the physical, mental, emotional and social development of young people. The CSHSAA promotes safe and fair completion for all students of member schools by offering a balanced program of quality learning experiences in a competitive sporting environment.

The CSHSAA has provided each member school with a Spectator Code of Conduct Banner (see photo) as a message to all spectators to RESPECT the game and its participants. Whether you are a parent, family member, alumni, or a student, we look forward to seeing you at our tournaments and league games. Thank you for supporting our athletics program!

For students: To gain entrance to Basketball games, you must have a valid student ID. Only Lester B. Pearson students and students from the opposing school will be allowed entrance into the game.