Pearson Portraits!!

Swim Team 5Swim Team 6It was the Swim & Dive City Championships at Repsol Centre yesterday. Many of our athletes were proudly wearing their comfy Red Swim Hoodies. Coaches Evan Candido, Kathryn Riben & Mark Mason said it was a great meet with many PBs.

Swim Team Swim Team 7

Swim Team 2

Swim Team 3

Swim Team 4

Thanks coaches & athletes. Pearson Pride at its best!

These are the stock market traders in Wayne Eng’s Finance Club; which meets on the first Tuesday of each month. The students learn basic financial literacy – example: budgeting, debt, interests (simple vs compound) Rule of 72, the various investment vehicles – example: mutual funds, bonds, stocks & exchange traded funds to help them achieve their future financial independence.

Finance Club