Pearson Portraits!!

As we gather for the last few days in the classroom before Christmas, remember to cherish those moments and those special people for which we are thankful. Early Friday Morning our Senior Boys and Girls Basketball Teams gathered for their trip to the Medicine Hat Invitational. Here of some of the girls, smiles on their faces, and Timmy’s at the ready!!

LBP students

Our Senior Boys played amazing ball. They dropped their first match and had to win the next two to get into the playoffs. They dug deep and made playoffs and then went on to win the Championship. Our girls lost in the consolation final but both teams played with class and sportsmanship. They did their coaches (and the school) proud. Go Patriots!!

Basketball boys

Our IB students celebrated the season with a Pot Luck Luncheon in the Plus 15!! Lots of food and it was all healthy!!

Food line

Constable Pon pondering what to have for dessert!!

Constable Pon

After school our Jazz Choir got together after school to make Gingerbread Houses.

Gingerbread houses

Gingerbread houses 2

All Done!! And good enough to eat!!

Gingerbread houses 3

On Saturday, our Robotics Team set up shop in Market Mall to sell their Flashy Robot Pins. I was there but somehow missed them. However, I did get an email from a customer this morning, “I met several students from the LBP program who were selling handmade/designed/coded Christmas pins at Market Mall for a Club fundraiser, I bought two and was so impressed with the team’s ingenuity. I run a wearable medical technology in Calgary and would like to buy more pins for my employees as a Christmas gift (13 people)”. Congrats to the Robotics team on their endeavour and their salesmanship!!!