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Attention Students – taking courses at other educational institutions

It has come to our attention recently that there are a growing number of Pearson students who are taking courses with other educational institutions outside of the CBE. Examples of these institutions are Alberta Distance Learning Commission (ADLC), and Hope Christian School.

If you are one of these students, or know someone who is, please be aware of the following expectations:


  1. If a student is taking a grade 12 (30 level) course with an institution such as those above and they want to write their final exams for those courses as Pearson, those students will need to come to the main office ASAP to inform the office of your intentions so that we can discover how many extra spaces we will need to accommodate the demand.


There is a limit to the number of students that we can have writing exams at Pearson based on the number of actual seats that we have in the examination rooms, and the number of supervisors that we have. We also need to ensure that Alberta Education sends us enough exams to cover the number of students who will be here on exam day to write the exams.


  1. Students taking courses at these institutions also need to know that you are not permitted to use Pearson resources such as textbooks while registered in courses at other institutions. There are barely enough resources and textbooks for students at Pearson, that we can’t justify loaning out textbooks to students not in courses at our school.


  1. There have also been students who have been enrolled in classes at an outside institution as well as at Pearson. As the semester progresses, some students are withdrawing from their course at Pearson and then continuing to sit in the classroom at Pearson with their teachers. Teachers are not permitted to allow you to sit in their classes if you are not on their attendance list. Teachers cannot be made responsible for students not on their attendance list.


Patriots Dance Troupe Champions!!

Hello Patriots!

On Thursday, Jessie Greer and Gladys Amerol went to competition for their contemporary dance duet and won!

  • 1st Place in their category
  • Top 10 dancers across all duets!

As you know the Patriots Dance Troupe was invited back after receiving 1st place group to compete for overall across all levels! They went to the Peak Invitational Championships on Friday night and won!

  • 2nd Place overall for level 1 and 2!
  • $200 prize money

Thank you all for your continued support of the Patriots Dance Troupe! We are now done competition.

Kind regards,

Ms. Jessica Nottell

English Language Learners Department

Patriots Dance Troupe Director & Coach

Dance Troupe 4 Dance Troupe 5 Dance Troupe 6

Congratulations Ms. Nottell’s Patriots Dance Troupe!!

Hello Patriots!

I want to take a moment to recognized the hard working students in the Patriots Dance Troupe. As their coach, I am so proud of their commitment to this extra-curricular team and highlight their accomplishments. It has been such an amazing ride to see their hard work pay off.

Last night at the Peak Invitational dance competition The Patriots Dance Troupe won the following in their street dance category:

  • 1st in Category
  • Top Ten Award
  • 1st Overall Group High Score
  • Laurendy Garcia in grade 12 won Top Judges Pick
  • $100 award.
  • The entire Troupe has been invited back after receiving 1st place group to compete for overall across all levels!!!

Please Wish Gladys Amerol and Jessie Greer luck on their Thursday contemporary category along with the entire troupe for their upcoming Friday competition invitation.

Thank you all for your continued support of the Patriots Dance Troupe!

Dance Troupe Dance Troupe 2 Dance Troupe 3


Eastside Dance Festival

Eastside Dance Festival 1 Eastside Dance Festival 2Eastside Dance Festival was a smashing success on the Evening of Tuesday April 4th!!! Please congratulate the dancers and teachers involved! If you still don’t know what Eastside is, it’s a dance festival where 6 schools on the “Eastside” come together and showcase their best creativity and dance talent!!

See you there next year!

Karyn Leavitt & Jessica Nottell


Most Promising Dancers: Sakshi Kaur & Jessie Greer

Illfx Scholarship: Sakshi Kaur

School Award: Best Emotional Execution!!!

Eastside Dance Festival

Lester B. Pearson High School 25th Anniversary!!!

Lester B. Pearson High School would like to invite all alumni and former staff to a celebration of our first 25 years! The event will take place at LBPHS on Friday, April 7, from 12:30-2:30PM. The event will include entertainment, food and time to mingle with fellow attendees.

If you are alumni of the school who has previously attended or a former staff member, please register at the link below:

Also, please link to your Facebook and twitter account if you have contact with other alumni or former staff. Thanks and let me know if you have any questions.