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Thank-You to CTV News and Lisa Bowes, Sports Anchor/Reporter

Dear Patriots:

Lisa Bowes, CTV Sports Anchor and Reporter, has sent along a better version of our Sr. Boys winning the championship this past Saturday.

Please use this link, click on CTV news at 11:30 at the left of the page, and fast forward to the 19 minute mark after curling. This story was aired at 11:30 pm on Saturday March 11th:

or use this link: LBP Sr. Boys Win City Finals (fast forward 19 minutes in)

We extend our appreciation to CTV news and Lisa!

Congrats to our Pearson Patriot Athletes!

Happy Sunday:

It was an amazing weekend for PATRIOT sports!!!
Provincial Wrestlers: It is incredible to imagine we have so many athletes that excelled at the Provincial level. Please congratulate the following athletes, along with Mr. Sayer, the Head Coach:
Gold: Mohammad Qatanani, Celeste Diaz Acosta
Silver: Simran Dhaliwal
Fourth: Gloria Ng
Fifth: Mohamed Abassi
Sixth: Teghvir Sidhu and June Paw Eh

Photos of wrestlers to follow.

Division I Boys Basketball Finals: held at the Jack Simpson Gymnasium (U of C) on Saturday night. Bishop McNally were ahead most of the way leading by 10 points after the 3rd quarter. Our boys worked hard to close the gap with the following scores taking place:
3:59 remaining: 64-65 for McNally
2:34 remaining: tied 67-67
2:15 remaining: still tied 67-67
1:34 remaining: 72-67 for Pearson
1:17 remaining: 72-69 for Pearson
58.3 remaining: 74-69 for Pearson
31.8 remaining: still 74-70 for Pearson
28.7 remaining: 75-70 for Pearson
22.8 remaining: 75-73 for Pearson
The news article below shares that Bill Mitchell, at 37 years young, led the team as the Head Coach along with Morgan Fraser, DJ Whetton and Dean Haider.
Our excited players include:
1: Simar Bajwa
2: Joshua Valencia
3: Usman Fyisso
6: Imani Cross
8: Maninder Khosa
9: Ferdous Ahmadi
12: Jaskaran Atwal
13: Mobin Ali
20: Navdeep Bajwa
21: Iba (Ibrahima) Doumbouya
22: Zubeir Hussein
25: Jason Logoro
27: John Bosse
The team will be heading to provincials in Lethbridge this weekend.
This evening Ms. Hornby taped a news item on CTV news and uploaded it to You Tube; if a “better” version of this summary is available, please let her know (
So very proud to be a Patriot!!!

Read and Write Student Home Access

Lester B. Pearson High School is excited to share our students can now have home access to “Read and Write Literacy Software”: Home-user Instructions for Read and Write Gold

We provide all students with the most appropriate learning environments and opportunities for them to best achieve their potential. Inclusive learning technologies are one area in which the CBE addresses the unique learning needs of each student, including our students with exceptional needs and English Language Learners. We strive to personalize learning and make technology accessible to all.

Read&Write Literacy Support Software helps diverse learners with reading, writing, organization, study skills, and research. The customizable toolbar offers a variety of features including a picture and talking dictionary, spell checker, text-to-speech, word prediction, translator tool, calculator, etc. The program supports diverse learning styles and independent work habits.

Having problems? Please click on this link for further support: CBE Inclusive Technology Support

Grade 12 Diploma Marks: “My Pass” + redoing diploma courses?

Dear Patriot Families:

In the next few days, students who wrote diploma exams will have access to their final grades through “My Pass”. Grade 10, 11 and 12 students can create an account. Diploma results are NO LONGER MAILED home.

Should students decide to improve their marks, they can sign up for a “Diploma Redo” course through CBE Learn from February 14 – February 27. Courses are available to every CBE student in Calgary so the classes may fill quickly. Please see Mr. Colvin or Ms. Olsen (Student Services) as soon as you know your results.

FAQs about Diploma Redo from CBE LEARN:

Why are you offering this new term?

  • Our teachers analyzed our student data from the past few years, and determined there was a specific population of students who were not being accommodated.
  • Historically, many students choose to redo their diploma-level courses with CBe-learn, so we wanted to ensure we were customizing and personalizing the experience for this significant student population.
  • Like a Summer School course, the course will be slightly condensed, but all of the general and specific outcomes will be met.

When are you offering this term?

  • Diploma Redo starts on March 9 and runs until the end of the semester: June 14, 2017.
  • Registration runs from February 14 through February 27.

Which students are best suited for Diploma Redo?

  • Students who have already completed the course and have a passing mark will be most successful in this term. It is designed for students who are looking to upgrade their mark by taking the entire course over again, and re-writing their Diploma Exam.

What if they didn’t pass their Diploma Exam?

  • If a student did not pass their Diploma Exam the first time, and therefore does not have a passing overall grade, we can still accept them into the Diploma Redo term.
  • On good faith, we will be accepting students into this term based on the recommendation of their counsellor or school administrator.

Is this a diploma prep course?

  • No. Although preparation for the Diploma Exam is part of the content, this is a full course that covers all outcomes for the specific subject.
  • Students will be expected to complete all of the course content, activities and assessment.

Will students be required to start over?

  • Our conversations with students and counsellors have indicated that most students will be starting the course from the beginning, with the intention of ameliorating their mark across all units of the course.
  • If a student missed one or two units completely, because of illness or other mitigating factors, we can work through a High School Success model and ensure their previous work is honored. Please contact me if you require any clarification about this on a case-by-case basis.

What will be different?

  • Because it is a focused group of students who have already been exposed to the content of the curriculum, our teachers will be able to move faster through material.
  • This term is really designed for students who already have the basic understanding and knowledge in the subject area, so they can work quickly through their areas of strength, and take more time where they need it.
  • The teachers of these classes will understand they have a whole cohort of students in a similar position, and will tailor their communication, feedback and assessment to ensure students are getting exactly what they need.

Will students get a new mark?

  • Yes. If students complete the Diploma Redo course, they will obtain a mark.
  • Marks will be submitted to Alberta Education in June, at the end of the traditional semester.

What if I have more questions or suggestions?

  • As a new term for us, we welcome all suggestions to help make this successful for all CBE students.
  • Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions, concerns or suggestions. I want to ensure this is a advantageous term for our grade 12 CBE population.
  • Monti Tanner, Assistant Principal, CBE Learn (
  • For on-site support at LBP, please see Mr. Colvin and Ms. Olsen in Student Services.

Expectations: Video recording in school

Dear Patriot Families:

A popular app called “House Party” (House Party Link #1) (House Party Link #2) is currently being used during our school day. We respectfully ask all students to please refrain from using this app while they are in Lester B. Pearson High School or other public places. It is illegal to record anyone without permission (Canadian Privacy Laws). Teachers are asked to please send students to the main office should they be using “House Party” or similar apps while at school. Follow up with Administration will take place leading to a suspension. It is disrespectful and against Canadian law to videotape someone without their permission. We appreciate student cooperation and understanding with this expectation.


Lester B. Pearson Staff and Fellow Students

“Success Support” Zones at LBP

Good Evening Patriot Families:

Last week your child was familiarized with the “Success Support” periods that begin tomorrow. On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 10:05 – 10:50 am, your child has the opportunity to self select their learning opportunity.

The philosophy of the program is contained in Alberta Education’s “High School Redesign” aimed to improve high school completion rates across the province: Moving Forward With High School Re-Design

At Lester B. Pearson High School, we have created “Success Connect” utilizing a three credit learning strategies course. Our homeroom teachers are leading the learning every Wednesday in a mandatory course for all of our students. Ask you child what they have engaged in so far.

An extension of “Success Connect” is “Success Support”. Grade 10 students must be with their ELA, Science, Math or Social Studies teacher. Grade 11 and 12 students have more flexibility having the option to select where they want to spend their time.

CBE Student Code of Conduct

Dear Families:

The CBE has engaged in a lengthy consultative process to develop a city wide “Student Code of Conduct”. Students will be reviewing these documents with their “Success Connect” teachers.

AR 6005 Student Code of Conduct

This AR has been developed to provide clarity and guidance pertaining to the expectations for student behaviour in all CBE schools. This AR identifies acceptable and unacceptable behaviour and the consequences for unacceptable behaviour. Clarity pertaining to discrimination and bullying including both those who engage in, perpetuate or are subject to such behaviour is also included in this Code of Conduct. The new AR can be found at the following link: CBE Student Code of Conduct

AR 6006 Progressive Student Discipline

This AR has been revised to reflect a whole school approach to discipline that utilizes a continuum of intervention, supports and consequences while building on strategies that promote positive student behaviour. The revised AR can be found at the following link: CBE Progressive Student Discipline

AR 6007 Suspension and Expulsion

This AR has been developed to reflect the expectation and guidelines pertaining to suspensions and expulsions. At this point in time, the current information regarding suspensions and expulsions has been removed from the now deleted Discipline policy and placed in a separate AR. The processes and expectations for suspensions and expulsions within CBE will be reviewed commencing in the fall of 2016. The revised AR can be found at the following link: Suspensions and Explusions in the CBE


AR 6001 Student Discipline

This AR has been deleted and replaced with the three ARs highlighted above.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of the Assistant Principals:

Grade 10: Michelle Hornby (

Grade 11 and 12 – A – Ki: Steve Papp (

Grade 11 and 12 – Ko – Z: Brian Tuff (

We thank-you for your help in co-creating a safe and caring Pearson community,

Lester B. Pearson Staff



Are you trying to see your timetable on Home Logic?

As of 7:00 am this morning, students and families no longer have digital access to their timetable. This is a CBE city wide decision with Student Services teams across Calgary generating timetable changes to balance classes and make adjustments based on success in summer school. Digital access to timetables will take place again on Tuesday September 6th. Thank-you for your patience and understanding.

Congrats to the LBP Unified Basketball Team!

Unified Basketball June 2016

Dear Patriot Families:

This past Friday, 22 dedicated athletes competed in the second ever Unified Basketball tournament at the University of Calgary. For the last 3 months these students had been practicing every Tuesday and Thursday at lunch, to prepare for this event. They played Bishop McNally and Bert Church and ended the tournament 1-1.
This was a very special day for Patriot Athletics and I’m very proud of all our athletes who wore the maple leaf. A big thank you to Mr. Pearson, Mr. Sayer and Ms. Woodworth for giving up their lunches and helping me coach. I have already committed to fielding a team for next year. Unified Basketball will now be a part of our athletic program.

Go Patriots!
M. Morgan Fraser
Athletic Director
Lester B. Pearson Senior High School

End of School Year Expectations

Dear Pearson Students:
Traditionally a water fight has occurred on the last day of classes. This year there will be no water fight on Lester B. Pearson grounds. This change in practice is necessary because of a number of dangerous elements which have entered into this activity. Over the last couple of years, students have sprayed substances such as mustard, bleach, paint, eggs and urine. In addition, there has been a mess left on school property for staff to clean up and a mob mentality has been present. It is the duty of Lester B. Pearson High School staff to keep all students safe while at the school.
Celebratory activities on this last day should take place outside of school time and off school property. Police will be present as well as Administrative staff. Students could face serious sanctions if they choose to proceed.
The following timelines will support our last formal instructional day on Friday June 10th:
8:48 – 9:53: Period 1
9:56 – 11:01: Period 2
11:01 – 11:19: Break
11:22 – 12:13: Period 3 (15 minutes removed)
12:15 – 1:00: Period 4 (15 minutes removed)
1:00 – 1:35: Locker Clean-out/Yearbooks
A schedule for demand tutorials the following week will be released shortly.
Thank-you for your understanding and cooperation,
Dr. Patrick Thalheimer, Ms. Michelle Hornby, Mr. Brian Tuff, Mr. Steve Papp
Lester B. Pearson Administration