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Success Connect: 10:05 am – 10:50 am

Good evening Patriot Families:

Today was a whirlwind as we welcomed back 1600+ students! Our Leadership students were AMAZING providing outstanding logistic support for the various activities we planned. A huge thank-you to each of our student volunteers who provide the magic energy that makes us want to teach!

An area of confusion could arise with our new “Success Connect” time that starts tomorrow. This will take place everyday from Wednesday September 7 to Friday September 16 for 100% of our students. Students have the opportunity to learn “how to be an effective learner” with the support of one teacher (acting as a learning coach) while also earning 3 credits in this mandatory course. After September 16th, the “Success Connect” time will just take place on Wednesday with “Success Support” occurring on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Ask your child about how these two concepts are different but complimentary. Peek at the 2016-17 LBP Bell Schedule to understand it further. The attachment below contains a summary of key differences.

Where do students go for “Success Connect” in the next 8 days? The attached summary will help: 10 05 to 10 50 am Where do I go

Should you have any questions, please e-mail your child’s “Success Connect” teacher: LBP Staff List

Are you trying to see your timetable on Home Logic?

As of 7:00 am this morning, students and families no longer have digital access to their timetable. This is a CBE city wide decision with Student Services teams across Calgary generating timetable changes to balance classes and make adjustments based on success in summer school. Digital access to timetables will take place again on Tuesday September 6th. Thank-you for your patience and understanding.

Congrats to the LBP Unified Basketball Team!

Unified Basketball June 2016

Dear Patriot Families:

This past Friday, 22 dedicated athletes competed in the second ever Unified Basketball tournament at the University of Calgary. For the last 3 months these students had been practicing every Tuesday and Thursday at lunch, to prepare for this event. They played Bishop McNally and Bert Church and ended the tournament 1-1.
This was a very special day for Patriot Athletics and I’m very proud of all our athletes who wore the maple leaf. A big thank you to Mr. Pearson, Mr. Sayer and Ms. Woodworth for giving up their lunches and helping me coach. I have already committed to fielding a team for next year. Unified Basketball will now be a part of our athletic program.

Go Patriots!
M. Morgan Fraser
Athletic Director
Lester B. Pearson Senior High School

End of School Year Expectations

Dear Pearson Students:
Traditionally a water fight has occurred on the last day of classes. This year there will be no water fight on Lester B. Pearson grounds. This change in practice is necessary because of a number of dangerous elements which have entered into this activity. Over the last couple of years, students have sprayed substances such as mustard, bleach, paint, eggs and urine. In addition, there has been a mess left on school property for staff to clean up and a mob mentality has been present. It is the duty of Lester B. Pearson High School staff to keep all students safe while at the school.
Celebratory activities on this last day should take place outside of school time and off school property. Police will be present as well as Administrative staff. Students could face serious sanctions if they choose to proceed.
The following timelines will support our last formal instructional day on Friday June 10th:
8:48 – 9:53: Period 1
9:56 – 11:01: Period 2
11:01 – 11:19: Break
11:22 – 12:13: Period 3 (15 minutes removed)
12:15 – 1:00: Period 4 (15 minutes removed)
1:00 – 1:35: Locker Clean-out/Yearbooks
A schedule for demand tutorials the following week will be released shortly.
Thank-you for your understanding and cooperation,
Dr. Patrick Thalheimer, Ms. Michelle Hornby, Mr. Brian Tuff, Mr. Steve Papp
Lester B. Pearson Administration

LBP Compliments Page by YVC

The Youth Volunteer Corps (YVC) Club has started a Lester B. Pearson Compliments page. If you ever wanted to recognize a fellow student, this is your chance! Let’s help raise some school spirit and end the year off on a positive note.

Please message the Facebook page ( or submit your compliment through this Google form ( to have it be published.

Any submissions that are inappropriate will not be published and the submission will be referred to Administration for possible follow up, when required. Please use this forum as a place to express sincere and genuine appreciation for fellow students. Submissions may be edited for language.

Proud to be Patriots!

CT Center CTS Course Offerings

The Career & Technology Centre is excited to share new courses open to all CBE students as well as their families. Full details are here (CT Centre Evening Course Offerings – 2016) with a summary below:

IT Essentials

Energy and Environmental Innovation

  • These two programs are open for CBE High School students from across the city.
  • Students have the opportunity for hands-on study in engaging classrooms.
  • Courses run Thursday evenings from 6:00 – 9:00 at the Career & Technology Centre
  • There is no fee for CBE students to register.

Auto Body


  • Students have the opportunity for hands-on study with trained and certified professionals.
  • Courses run Thursday evenings from 6:00 – 9:00 at the Career & Technology Centre.
  • These two evening courses are open to all CBE students, as well as staff, parents and adult learners.
  • Adult learners may earn High School credit, or take the courses for personal or professional interest.
  • Parents are welcome to register and attend with their High School student.

Please make an appointment with Student Services to explore further:

A – G: Mr. Colvin

H – N: Ms. Janse

O – Z: Ms. Olsen

If you would like to learn more about the CT Center, please follow this link:

The Merits of a Music Education: by Ms. K. Riben and LBP students

On October 12, 2013 there was an article published in the New York Times titled “Is Music the Key to Success” – and the link to that article follows: Music is the key to success

While I think most people would expect a music teacher (that would be I) to expound the virtues of music education (which are many, and yes, I believe music is the key to success,) I thought that perhaps it would be helpful to hear from some of Pearson’s music students about the benefits they have reaped from their time in music programs. As students and parents begin their consideration of courses for next year, I urge you to consider the words of the students below and of the New York Times article; the study of music is not only for those hoping to pursue a career in music – it’s for everyone. Science has shown that those who study music develop in so many ways valued by today’s world. But enough from me…here are the students!

Music has always been a massive part of my life. Not only has it given me a great number of opportunities and made a great number of amazing friends, it has honestly made math so much easier for me. Before grade 7 I never understood math ever. In my grade 8 year when I got really into band and music I started a math K&E program and I started at grade 4 level math and made it all the way to halfway through grade 8 math in one year. In that year I was doing piano lessons, school band, jazz band, the Calgary Round Up Band, which is a marching band, and then I was also starting singing lessons. For Round Up we had to memorize all our music so that helped with my memorization skills. The different styles of music helped me recognize all sorts of different patterns. Music not only helped me with math, but it helped me concentrate and focus more on all of my subjects. Music has and always will be a really big part of my life. It has helped me grow in so many ways. I am so thankful for all of the amazing chances to do music in my life. I don’t know where I’d be without it.
-Kyla K.

Even though I personally am not going to continue studying music after high school, I do believe that I have gained a lot from the music I’ve studied over the years. I work better in groups now than I did before, I’m more open to different perspectives and ideas and I’m more flexible. I’ve learned how to manage my time and prioritize my work. I’ve always gone for music, because it makes me happy and helps keep my brain active. I’ve never been very good at sports but music is something that I will forever keep working at no matter where life takes me. Singing in the car on the way to work, playing the guitar for ten minutes before bed, it all helps. Music relaxes me but also gives me great thrill when I perform with an ensemble. The most significant thing I’ve learned from studying music is that I can do whatever I set my mind to.

  • Emma D.


I’m not a professional musician…I enjoy music, I learn from music valuable skills. Counting, time management, be prepared for the future but also being in the present. These are all valuable skills I have learned in band and it’s what employers look for. Are you prepared? Do you manage time well? What is your commitment level like? These are the skills I have learned in band for six years. I may or may not continue with band but I won’t forget what I’ve learned in band. Also band is a FUN place to be. I’ve made life-long friends due to band. I’ve played fun music! I’ve had a great musical journey and I feel that everyone who joins a band or learns an instrument can experience that too. Even if you don’t join band, join something! Sports, dance, drama…have fun! School goes by quickly so enjoy life before you have to do “responsible” things…but join band because it’s the best!

-Stephen E.

Seeking Lester B. Pearson Student Opinions

The University of Calgary is conducting a study on “Digital Citizenship in Canada” focusing on Cyber-risks for Youth. Would your son or daughter be interested in participating in a one hour focus group offering their opinions on this important issue? The researchers will be reporting back to the school on their research results.

The research, through a group discussion with students lasting about an hour, asks:

  1. How youth perceive and experience risk online.
  2. What strategies they use in handling these risks.
  3. How youth understand the role of police and the wider community in helping them respond to these online risks; and
  4. What messages youth receive from society regarding how to deal with online risk, and their response to these messages.

Full details on the study are contained in this link: U of C Research Study.

Hard copies of the document is available in Student Services and the Main Office. Please submit completed parent permission forms to Ms. Janse (Student Services) by mid January. Thank-you for encouraging your child to offer their valued opinions on the novel and constantly changing forms of on-line risk youth are facing today.

F-Word Club Video

On Wednesday, the LBP Main Gym exploded with activity as our Leadership students organized a Winter Wonderland Pep Rally to recognize our Basketball, Swim and Dive, and Wrestling Teams. A highlight of the event was a thought provoking movie created by the Feminism Club for the LBP Student Body: F-Word Club (LBP) Video. Students were unable to view the video at the Pep Rally due to disappointing technical difficulties. May even more students be able to see it here!

Our F-Word Club has been drawing attention to gender issues that we feel would benefit Pearson by nurturing a school of respect and belonging. Although there are several areas we feel that are pertinent to Pearson, the students have chosen to develop awareness around the limitations of gender stereotypes and inequality. If you are interested in joining the F-Word (aka Feminism) Club, please see Ms. Barabonoff, Mr. Kiziak or Ms. Berner.