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Pearson Portraits!!

Wrestling ruled the day on Friday with Pearson’s Rookie Tournament. Lots of staff and student volunteered to make this event a highlight.


Great sportsmanship on display!!!

Wrestling 2

Wrestling 3

Wrestling 4

Wrestling 5

This young man looked after the Coaches Room. :)

Coaches room

And these Leadership Students sold lots of Pizza at the concession.


Thanks to coaches Lindsay Marsh-Walters, Myles Gibbs, Mike Witt and Lisa Byrgesen and Cody Longlitz – our leadership mentor.


Basketball Season has arrived at LBP!!

CSHSAA Code of Conduct Banner

Basketball Season has arrived at Lester B. Pearson, and along with all Sports that we participate in throughout the school year, Lester B. Pearson is a proud CBE member school of the CSHSAA. The CSHSAA believes that interscholastic athletics, as a recognized part of the school program, is educationally sound and will enhance the physical, mental, emotional and social development of young people. The CSHSAA promotes safe and fair completion for all students of member schools by offering a balanced program of quality learning experiences in a competitive sporting environment.

The CSHSAA has provided each member school with a Spectator Code of Conduct Banner (see photo) as a message to all spectators to RESPECT the game and its participants. Whether you are a parent, family member, alumni, or a student, we look forward to seeing you at our tournaments and league games. Thank you for supporting our athletics program!

For students: To gain entrance to Basketball games, you must have a valid student ID. Only Lester B. Pearson students and students from the opposing school will be allowed entrance into the game.


Pearson Portraits!

Pearson Portrait Pearson Portrait 2 Pearson Portrait 3

Hi folks!

If I have learned one thing about Pearson in my few days here so far, it is that this is a “big place” with lots happening. I would like to start something called “Pearson Portraits” to celebrate the many activities and events that happen in the building. I started with Pearson Moments but I think Pearson Portraits sounds better. Send me photos and a few words and I would be glad to send them out. Here is the first official, “Pearson Portrait”!!

The Senior Boys lost a heartbreaker last night in a fifth game of a very competitive semi-final match against St. Mary’s. Our boys fought hard and played some very inspired offense and some outstanding defence. They were disappointed with the outcome but they can hold their heads up high as they played with spirit and sportsmanship. They represented Pearson with Pride. Thanks to Coach Scherban and his coaching staff and trainers and the senior boys for an amazing season.!!!

Thanks to Cody Longlitz for helping organize and drive the Fan Bus. Over 50 cheering Patriots. Thanks to the many staff who attended,too.

Monty and my ears are still ringing!!!

Ken Chee – Principal