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Pearson Finance Club welcomes Dr. Gordon Higgins

Dr. Gordon Higgins was instrumental in providing “seed” money in 2008 for us to run the Pearson Finance Club. Thanks to him and other donors the club has been in operation for 9 years straight.

Dr. Higgins shared with the club that Exchange Traded Funds(EFTs) is the best investment vehicle to park our “hard earned” money because it requires low maintenance and it’s low cost. this strategy has been proven quite effective in the past 40 years when it was first introduced by John Bogle. Research has shown that “passive” investments beats funds that are actively managed.

Dr. Gordon Higgins Dr. Gordon Higgins 2


Eastside Dance Festival

Eastside Dance Festival 1 Eastside Dance Festival 2Eastside Dance Festival was a smashing success on the Evening of Tuesday April 4th!!! Please congratulate the dancers and teachers involved! If you still don’t know what Eastside is, it’s a dance festival where 6 schools on the “Eastside” come together and showcase their best creativity and dance talent!!

See you there next year!

Karyn Leavitt & Jessica Nottell


Most Promising Dancers: Sakshi Kaur & Jessie Greer

Illfx Scholarship: Sakshi Kaur

School Award: Best Emotional Execution!!!

Eastside Dance Festival

Junior Achievement – Thursday Night Group

Every Thursday night, a group of 30 students mostly from Lester B Pearson and Crescent Heights, get together with Business leaders of the community to create and Entrepreneurial business. This year they created a product called Visus, and the company name is Perspective.

Visus is a Virtual reality head set that can be used with your cell phone, the company designed the product in a few well known designs such as Ninja Turtles, Batman, and Iron man.

This year our team has been very lucky on top of getting retweeted by 2 of the Dragon Den Dragons, we also got a chance to show our product off directly to the Mayor of Calgary.

Below you will see a picture of our President and a vice president of the company, meeting and showing off our product (Ironman) with Mayor Nenshi.

As This year’s Junior Achievement company program is winding down we all look forward to seeing how well our team does against the other Junior Achievement teams at the Celebration Of Achievement in March.

junior achievement 3