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Pearson Portraits!!

Pearson’s own ‘Unified Basketball’ started yesterday.
Lots of fun with the goal of open access to sport and active living
for all members of the Pearson Community.
Unified Basketball

Unified Basketball 2

We welcomed our parents and families to ESL/ELL Parent Night yesterday.

Unified Basketball 3

and guess who is back today. Please drop by and welcome Mr. Tuff with a hug!!

Mr. Tuff



Pearson Portraits!

Saturday February 10th, the 32 different Company program teams were able to open up and sell at Cross Iron Mills mall. While our Pearson team has 21 Pearson students, we also have about 25 other Pearson students who are on other teams around the city. It was a cold day but it was a great day.

We find out March 20th if we have won any of the awards, I am hoping this year we win, Tradeshow booth of the year. ( see picture below) and we win most innovative product (Phoenix pencils)

We are proud of all our Junior Achievement Students.



Pearson Portraits – LBP Open House 2018

Last Days of Lectures Celebration. We made it!!!


The ‘Big Move’!!! Thanks to our amazing Caretakers and all who helped.

Big move

Open House – We welcomed many, many families to Pearson last night. It was a warm, wonderful and inviting evening.

Open House

A very funny and student written and directed play was shared with our families.


Treats from Culinary enjoyed by all.

Culinary girls

Many questions, word of wisdom and welcoming words were shared by teachers and our amazing Learning Leaders.

Open House 2

Open House 3

Open House 4

Thanks to our Leadership Students for hosting and to all who helped make this a Patriot Evening!

Leadership Students


Pearson Portraits!!

Gina applied to the Radio, Television & Broadcast News Diploma at SAIT. As part of her application she had to complete a Career and Program Investigation Report which she was able to do at Shine FM. Superb!!!


Gina is also one of our talented Concert Band Students

Gina 2

Ms. Csikos’ Social 20 students have created games, simulations, quizzes, and other interactive elements for their fellow students to promote awareness about issues in the world.


Csikos 2

Csikos 3

Csikos 4

And students were dressed to the nines at the Royal Winter Dance last night.

Royal Winter Dance 2

Royal Winter Dance 3





Mr. C – Happy Holidays!!!!

Pearson Portraits!!

The highlight of the night was our Winter Concert last featuring our Instrumental and Choral students. It was a full house and more. The evening was heartwarming, inspiring and fun. Many proud family, friends and staff. “As the weather outside was frightful, but the concert was so delightful!!” Ms. Riben has much to be proud of and we are proud of her and her students. Thanks also to Shannon Lloyd, Loralee Montens and Mark Mason – for their support – and hats off to Dr. Cooper as many folks were donning the Classic LBP blinking robots. (apologies for poor picture quality)

Getting Ready

Winter Concert 2

Instrumental Band

Winter Concert 3

Vocal Jazz

Vocal Jazz

Concert Choir

Concert Choir

And this is Manreet – who shared an amazing web-page she developed in her coding class!!! Our students are amazing!!

Coding Class