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Upcoming City Basketball Championships

At Lester B. Pearson, we anticipate all of our basketball teams making the playoffs. Due to the popularity of these games, we would like to provide a few details to our enthusiastic fans:

CSHSAA Website for the most up to date schedules of who plays where: Calgary Senior High School Athletic Association

Direct link to Basketball: CSHSAA Basketball Link

Lester B. Pearson Jr. and Sr. Boys: Division I

Lester B. Pearson Jr. and Sr. Girls: Division II

  1. There is ADMISSION charged for all seeding rounds, quarter and semi-final games, and City Championship games. No exceptions. The funds collected do NOT go to LBP; they offset the costs associated with hosting the City Championships. At LBP, Mr. Fraser (Athletic Director) will also organize a “ticket” system to gain entry due to the high demand. Stay tuned for specific details. Adults – $5.00 Students/Seniors – $2.00. Under 6 – FREE
  1. Should there be two (or possibly even 3 games) on any one night… please check the website for conflicts or TIME changes to games.


  1. Home team: Light jersey Away: Dark jersey


  1. Administrators will be available to be at the GATE prior to our games so that we can greet our parents/students. Please have your ID, entry fee and “ticket” available. In previous years, only spectators from the opposing teams have been allowed in the LBP gym. For example, you may denied entry at a Father Lacombe game if Lester B. Pearson is not playing. Gym space will determine if you will have access. Please be kind and respectful if the host school is unable to accommodate out of school fans. Parents of players are given priority access to the gym; please come to the front of the line should fans be turned away.
  1. No noise-makers are permitted at any venue (cowbells, clappers, air horns, blow horns, etc). You will be removed from the gym should you violate this expectation.
  1. Fans who enter the playing space during play (ex. going crazy after an amazing offensive or defensive play) or are deemed to be rude to officials or opposing team members will be immediately removed from the gym. Our preference is that 100% of our fans are able to stay for the entire game because they are consistently demonstrating respectful behaviors. No second chances.
  1. Winning teams are NOT PERMITTED to cut down any nets (this may have been a practice in years past, but it is no longer permitted at any of the venues)
  1. HOST schools will provide scorekeeper and timekeepers for all seeding and quarter/semi-final games. And, unless you hear otherwise, the City Championship Host schools (and UofC) will provide scorekeepers and timekeepers at City Championship games.
  1. Game times for City Championships:

Friday, March 10th (HOST – Ernest Manning)

2:00pm: Div 3 Junior Girls

4:30pm: Div 3 Junior Boys

7:00pm: Div 2 Junior Girls


Friday, March 10th (HOST – Crescent Heights)

2:00pm: Div 2 Junior Boys

4:30pm: Div 1 Junior Girls

7:00pm: Div 1 Junior Boys


Saturday, March 11th (HOST – Crescent Heights)

2:00pm: Div 3 Senior Girls

4:30pm: Div 3 Senior Boys

7:00pm: Div 2 Senior Girls


Saturday, March 11th (HOST – University of Calgary: Jack Simpson Gymnasium)

2:00pm: Div 2 Senior Boys (warm-up begins at 1:15pm)

4:30pm: Div 1 Senior Girls

7:00pm: Div 1 Senior Boys


Many thanks to Ernest Manning, Crescent Heights and the UofC for hosting. We ask that all Admin and staff present ensure that the venues are respected (helping to keep them clean) and that fans are also respectful and display great sportsmanship towards the officials and minor officials. We are all HUMAN! They will likely make mistakes.


  1. At U of C only: Away team fans: Sit in the WEST stands (opposite the score table) Home team fans: Sit in the EAST stands (behind the score table).
  1. Parking at the UofC: Spectators must indicate to the BOOTH attendant that they are attending the High School Basketball City Championships. The attendants have been informed to allow our players/parents/admin/spectators into LOT #10 – FREE OF CHARGE. There are two entrances to LOT 10. The MAIN ENTRANCE to LOT 10 off Collegiate Road will be the only one open (must turn right at the 4-way stop). The secondary entrance off Collegiate Blvd will NOT be open for FREE admission.
  1. If we school bring a “FAN BUS”,we must let me know the organizers know. Once we have #’s of students on the bus, we will have our teacher supervisor/admin let organizers know the TOTAL NUMBER of students at the gate. Students will pay the teacher who will submit one payment on behalf of the school.


Interested in Earning Credits While Learning How to Ride a Horse at Camp Chief Hector YMCA?

Camp Chief Hector YMCA, in partnership with Canadian Rockies Public Schools, is offering a 3-credit course for Alberta High School students. EQUINE LEADERSHIP 15 combines leadership with horsemanship. This is an engaging and dynamic opportunity for students to learn more about themselves, equine practices, the Alberta landscape and ecology, local history through applied horsemanship skills and riding, leadership skill development and team building.

Details are found at the following links:

Equine Leadership 15 2017 Poster

Equine Leadership 15 Registration form

Please feel free to share the links with friends from other schools in Alberta who would like to join you in this unique learning opportunity.

Parking and Traffic Concerns and Intruders in the School

Please be aware that visitor parking is reserved for visitors to the school such as parents coming for a meeting or to pay fees. It is not meant for students to use. You may be ticketed and towed if you are found to be parking in visitor parking inappropriately.

We are also concerned about the number of intruders we found in the school over Exam Break, and the dangers associated with dropping students off at the side of the school next to the Leisure Center. We had a student hit by a car there in the Fall. As a result of these 2 issues, we will be locking the side doors to the school. This will prevent intruders from accessing the school without going through the front doors where they are visible. We would like to ask parents to drop off students in the parking lot for the shopping center, at the far end of the shopping center or in front of the school where there is not the same high volume of traffic.

Monday and Thursdays – Doors will be locked at 9am – then unlocked from 12 – 1pm – then locked again

Fridays – Doors will be locked at 9am for the rest of the day

Thanks for your cooperation.


Read and Write Student Home Access

Lester B. Pearson High School is excited to share our students can now have home access to “Read and Write Literacy Software”: Home-user Instructions for Read and Write Gold

We provide all students with the most appropriate learning environments and opportunities for them to best achieve their potential. Inclusive learning technologies are one area in which the CBE addresses the unique learning needs of each student, including our students with exceptional needs and English Language Learners. We strive to personalize learning and make technology accessible to all.

Read&Write Literacy Support Software helps diverse learners with reading, writing, organization, study skills, and research. The customizable toolbar offers a variety of features including a picture and talking dictionary, spell checker, text-to-speech, word prediction, translator tool, calculator, etc. The program supports diverse learning styles and independent work habits.

Having problems? Please click on this link for further support: CBE Inclusive Technology Support

Grade 12 Diploma Marks: “My Pass” + redoing diploma courses?

Dear Patriot Families:

In the next few days, students who wrote diploma exams will have access to their final grades through “My Pass”. Grade 10, 11 and 12 students can create an account. Diploma results are NO LONGER MAILED home.

Should students decide to improve their marks, they can sign up for a “Diploma Redo” course through CBE Learn from February 14 – February 27. Courses are available to every CBE student in Calgary so the classes may fill quickly. Please see Mr. Colvin or Ms. Olsen (Student Services) as soon as you know your results.

FAQs about Diploma Redo from CBE LEARN:

Why are you offering this new term?

  • Our teachers analyzed our student data from the past few years, and determined there was a specific population of students who were not being accommodated.
  • Historically, many students choose to redo their diploma-level courses with CBe-learn, so we wanted to ensure we were customizing and personalizing the experience for this significant student population.
  • Like a Summer School course, the course will be slightly condensed, but all of the general and specific outcomes will be met.

When are you offering this term?

  • Diploma Redo starts on March 9 and runs until the end of the semester: June 14, 2017.
  • Registration runs from February 14 through February 27.

Which students are best suited for Diploma Redo?

  • Students who have already completed the course and have a passing mark will be most successful in this term. It is designed for students who are looking to upgrade their mark by taking the entire course over again, and re-writing their Diploma Exam.

What if they didn’t pass their Diploma Exam?

  • If a student did not pass their Diploma Exam the first time, and therefore does not have a passing overall grade, we can still accept them into the Diploma Redo term.
  • On good faith, we will be accepting students into this term based on the recommendation of their counsellor or school administrator.

Is this a diploma prep course?

  • No. Although preparation for the Diploma Exam is part of the content, this is a full course that covers all outcomes for the specific subject.
  • Students will be expected to complete all of the course content, activities and assessment.

Will students be required to start over?

  • Our conversations with students and counsellors have indicated that most students will be starting the course from the beginning, with the intention of ameliorating their mark across all units of the course.
  • If a student missed one or two units completely, because of illness or other mitigating factors, we can work through a High School Success model and ensure their previous work is honored. Please contact me if you require any clarification about this on a case-by-case basis.

What will be different?

  • Because it is a focused group of students who have already been exposed to the content of the curriculum, our teachers will be able to move faster through material.
  • This term is really designed for students who already have the basic understanding and knowledge in the subject area, so they can work quickly through their areas of strength, and take more time where they need it.
  • The teachers of these classes will understand they have a whole cohort of students in a similar position, and will tailor their communication, feedback and assessment to ensure students are getting exactly what they need.

Will students get a new mark?

  • Yes. If students complete the Diploma Redo course, they will obtain a mark.
  • Marks will be submitted to Alberta Education in June, at the end of the traditional semester.

What if I have more questions or suggestions?

  • As a new term for us, we welcome all suggestions to help make this successful for all CBE students.
  • Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions, concerns or suggestions. I want to ensure this is a advantageous term for our grade 12 CBE population.
  • Monti Tanner, Assistant Principal, CBE Learn (
  • For on-site support at LBP, please see Mr. Colvin and Ms. Olsen in Student Services.

Thursday January 26: Grade 10 Update

Good afternoon Patriot Families:

The Pearson staff would like to thank the many Grade 10 students who have taken advantage of the extra support provided these last eight days. Engaged learners have been rewarded with improvement in their understanding resulting in higher grades. Report cards will be released in one week.

On Thursday January 26, our Science and Math teachers will be attending a system meeting at Forest Lawn High School while many of our Grade 10 teachers will be on a field trip. Grade 10 students are welcome to come into Room 2166 (9:00 – 11:30 am). Ms. Hornby (Assistant Principal) will be available to supervise students. Our final day of extra support will be on Friday January 27th with teachers available from 9:00 – 11:30 am.

Semester two will begin on Wednesday February 1st with “Success Connect” from 8:45 – 8:55 am for new timetables.


Request from the 2017 Grad Committee: Pictures!

In 2015-16, Carman Lim (a member of the 2016 graduating class) spent countless hours generating a long term memory for her fellow grads. She posted the video to “You Tube” so you can share the memories with your family and friends: 2016 Lester B Pearson High School Graduation Video. Grad Committee members, led by Mohit Parmar, have begun collecting pictures for the 2017 video: or 2017 Grad Video Collection of Pictures. Enjoy a study break and send along some of your favorite photos with Patriot friends. The Committee will strive to include every member of the 2017 graduating class. They need your photos to make this a reality…

Congratulations to Mr. Fraser: Head Football Coach of the Year!!!

CSHSAA Head Coach of the Year Award: Football

The Lester B. Pearson School Community would like to extend their congratulations to Mr. Morgan Fraser, our Athletic Director. Today he was recognized by the Calgary Senior High School Athletic Association (CSHSAA) with the “Gary Deman Award” as the “Head Coach of the Year” for our Senior Boys Football team. The team came bursting out into the playoffs scoring a number of upsets leading to a City Final appearance with the team finishing second in their division. Mr. Fraser’s leadership in bringing football back to LBP in 2015-16, after a long hiatus, resulted in a City Championship appearance in the team’s second season. Students and staff at Lester B. Pearson celebrate Mr. Fraser’s commitment to excellence in Patriot Athletics. Proud to be a Patriot!