IB and French Immersion Certificates

Students at Pearson have the unique opportunity to earn Certificates in both the IB Programme and a French Immersion Certificate from Alberta Education.

Students who have been enrolled in a French Immersion program at their Junior High will need to compete the following courses to be eligible for a French Immersion Certificate:

  • FLA 10-20-30
  • Etudes Social 10-20-30
  • Mathematiques 10-20-30

Students will also be able to choose some IB Courses in which to earn IB Certificates:

  • Literature HL (English 20-30-35 IB)
  • Chemistry HL (Chemistry 20-30-35 IB)
  • Biology SL (Biology 20-30 IB) or Physics SL (Physics 20-30 IB)
  • Visual Art SL or HL (Art 20-30-31 IB)
  • TOK

Any students in Grade 9 who are planning to enter the IB/French Immersion stream need to be sure they indicate this on their Expression of Interest.

Students are also expected to complete CAS, just as other IB students do, throughout Grades 10, 11, and 12.