CAS: Creativity, Activity, Service

CAS is a part of the Core of IB. It is one way that IB helps student develop and grow in other areas of their life, besides academics. In many ways, CAS provides the extra-curricular aspect of student life.

All IB students at Pearson complete CAS activities, whether they are earning Certificates or a Diploma. The following are the minimum hours required by each student, each year:

  • Grade 10: 15 hours/category, total of 45 hours
  • Grade 11: 25 hours/category, total of 75 hours
  • Grade 12: 25 hours/category, total of 75 hours

Creativity: learning and producing something that didn’t exist before.

Possible activities:

  • dance, learning/playing a musical instrument, singing
  • photography
  • painting, drawing, sculpting
  • writing prose, poetry
  • blogging
  • baking, cooking, decorating
  • and many others

Activity: keeping your body healthy through physical activity

Possible activities:

  • walking, jogging, running
  • team sports (in school or in a league)
  • individual sports
  • weight lifting/training
  • anything that keeps your heartrate elevated for a sustained amount of time

Service: giving back to others in your community

Possible activities:

  • volunteering with a community organization (ex. Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Reading Buddies, Computer Buddies, The Mustard Seed, etc.)
  • joining a group at school (ex. Yearbook, Pearson Press, etc.)
  • school activities: helping with Fine Arts productions, score keeping during games, leading tours for the Open House, etc.
  • individual activities: shoveling the sidewalk for a neighbor, weeding or mowing the grass for a neighbor, baby-sitting

IB stipulates that CAS activities should be non-secular in nature (non-religious). For any student that wishes to complete some of their activities within their church, mosque, synagogue or other place of worship, please speak to the CAS Coordinator to find out if that activity is appropriate.

The activities a student chooses must also be outside of their regular family obligations. Picking up siblings from school, making supper, doing chores, etc do not qualify as CAS activities. Students can not be paid or receive credits for CAS activities. The idea of CAS is to do things BEYOND your regular activities and obligations.

It is the responsibility of each student to keep track of their time and activities on a (paper or electronic), including the type of activity, time spent on each activity, and a contact person. At the end of each year, students will also submit a portfolio, summarizing and reflecting on their activities. This portfolio can be in a number of different forms: a scrapbook, a PowerPoint presentation, a memory box, a blog, etc. This portfolio should address the eight learning outcomes of CAS. Expectations, the eight learning outcomes, and key dates (including check-in dates) are shared with students at the beginning of each year when they meet with the CAS Coordinator.

Grade 10 and 11 CAS handout

Grade 12 CAS handout

For more information about CAS, visit the IB CAS webpage, read the IB CAS Subject brief, or see the full IB CAS Guide.