EE: The Extended Essay

The EE is one of the Core components of IB. It is an independent research paper, of a topic chosen by each student. A Supervisor will be paired with each student in order to give them guidance, suggestions, and advice.

The EE allows students the opportunity to focus their passion and delve into research that captures their interest and enables them to produce top-quality writing, which closely mirrors post-secondary formal writing expectations.


  • to pursue independent research on a focused topic
  • to develop research and communication skills
  • to develop the skills of creative and critical thinking
  • to engage in a systematic process of research appropriate to the subject
  • to experience the excitement of intellectual discovery

Responsibilities of the Student:

  • choose an area of study
  • ask a Teacher to act as their Supervisor
  • narrow research to a focused question
  • conduct appropriate research using various sources; check resources for validity, relevance, and reliability
  • adhere to appropriate research methodology (ex. working with plants and animals in the natural sciences; gathering information from people for psychology, etc.)
  • meet with their Supervisor periodically with focused questions and areas of concern
  • write an outline and multiple drafts which are shared with the Supervisor in order to get constructive feedback
  • cite references accurately, using an appropriate citation method

Responsibilities of the Supervisor:

  • guide a student in their research, helping the student narrow to a focused question
  • provide constructive feedback and suggestions
  • provide the subject-specific EE guide, marking guides, and past exemplars
  • check citing and referencing, clarifying with appropriate citing guides
  • provide a predicted grade (A-E) and final feedback to IBO about the work of the student

For more information, visit the IB Extended Essay webpage, read the IB EE Subject brief, or read the full IB Extended Essay Guide.

Extended Essay PowerPoint (2016-2017) for students

EE Handout (key dates, 2016-2017) for students