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The International Baccalaureate (IB) programme is a separate and independent international curriculum that students may choose to complete at Lester B. Pearson High School. This will be done simultaneously with their Alberta Education courses to earn an Alberta high school diploma. IB Courses will be matched with similar Alberta Ed courses. Students in IB may work towards the Diploma, Certificates, or the Career-Related Programme.

What you can expect as the parent of an IB student?

IB is a rigorous program for high schools students. It requires more time, effort, and dedication than a regular high school program. For this reason, it is important for both parents and students to understand and commit to the program.

IB students will often spend more time at school for both their classes and their extra-curricular activities, such as CAS/Service Learning. They will also have time throughout the year when they will be completing a lot of homework, in order to meet deadlines for their classes. These stressful times will be handled much better when parents support their children in their efforts.

This is not to say that the students should get a free ride or that family expectations should be less. IB students should still be a part of their family, completing chores, cooking and eating meals with their siblings and parents, and being a part of family activities. They will likely complain about homework, sleep in, forget to clean their room, and miss the bus in the morning just like any other teenager.

It is not uncommon for IB students to reach a point when they want to drop out of IB in part, or entirely. In this event, please speak to your child about why they want this. Do they have lots of deadlines coming up? Are they feeling overwhelmed? Are they frustrated with their lack of understanding in a course? Do they feel like they don’t have time to spend with friends and family? Are the disappointed with their grades? All of these are common reasons that students will give when they ask to drop IB. Answering these, and other questions, will help you determine what type of support your child needs at that time. Perhaps the answer is more time to study and complete work in the next few days or weeks. Perhaps it is to form a study group with friends. Perhaps it is a conversation with their teacher to get some additional help. Perhaps it is to speak with the school counselor about managing time and stress. Perhaps it is to speak with the IB Coordinator and consider dropping a course. Spending the time to figure out the problem will lead to the best solution.


Families of IB students must pay the fees associated with the program. These include a registration fee and the cost of writing exams. Current fees for IB students in the CBE are:

Registration fee: $250 (paid once for a Diploma student; paid by Certificate/CP students in each year the student is writing IB exams)

Exam fee: $200 for each exam a student writes in Grades 11 and 12

Grade 10 PIB students at Pearson are asked to pay a $250 deposit as part of their school fees. This will go towards any IB fees owing in Grade 11 or 12.

Sample of IB Fees (explanation and calculation)

IB and CBE Policies:

Assessment Policy: IBO documents for students/parents, teachers/coordinators and CBE

Language Policy: IBO and CBE

Inclusion/Special Ed Policy: IBO

Academic Honesty Policy: IBO

Information for Students

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